What You Need to Develop and Support a Mature Test Automation Framework

This White Paper Will Walk You Through Key Considerations for Success

Test automation, especially in a regulated environment, can be difficult to adopt and even more difficult to sustain. However, when done correctly, the ROI of effective test automation can be vast across numerous areas of an organization.

In CIO Spotlight: A Strategic Test Automation Framework That Won't Fail Before You Start, we'll outline key considerations that CIO's must take into account as they roll out and develop mature test automation adoption and utilization. Topics covered include:

  • Applying strategic test automation, not blanket automation
  • How to identify what should be automated
  • Understanding and identifying the right tools and processes for your organization
  • Developing and maintaining a true Testing Center of Excellence

The ROI of test automation is achievable, and this white paper will guide your organization to quickly get there from initial adoption, all the way through ongoing utilization.