Tx3 Webinar

Standardizing Compliance to Achieve SDLC Modernization

6/11/2020: 10:30 PDT / 1:30 EDT

Legacy waterfall-based computer system validation practices have long been challenging, and more than ever have become an obstacle as teams evaluate the adoption of modern agile methodologies and automation tools. The fear of non-compliance with regulatory requirements has caused many teams to hesitate when it comes to implementing these new systems and processes, but that doesn't have to continue to be the status quo. 

Join Allergan's Executive Director of IT Systems Assurance and Compliance, Raechelle Raimondo, and Tx3's CEO, Jason Tepfenhardt, as they discuss modernizing SDLC and compliance practices in a regulated environment. 

Topics to be discussed include:

  • SDLC Modernization in a Regulated Environment
  • Standardizing Compliance Across SDLC Tools and Teams
  • Aligning IT and Business Objectives with Regulatory Requirements 
  • Transitioning from a Waterfall to Agile Methodology
  • Shifting from a CSV mentality to CSA (Computer Software Assurance)


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