Tx3 Webinar

Compliance in Agile Test Management: Tx3 VERA and Xpand IT Xray

2/17/2021: 10:30 PDT / 1:30 EDT

With the Business demanding higher quality builds at faster speeds than ever before, some form of agile adoption is almost becoming a requirement. However, for life sciences teams, traditional validation and documentation frameworks are struggling to fit in with this model.

To meet the needs of agile teams operating in a regulated environment, Tx3 has extended our continuous quality and compliance platform, VERA (validated electronic records approval), to support Xpand IT's Xray for agile test management.

Now, life sciences teams either using or evaluating Xray have the ability to utilize true agile test management - in a fully agile or hybrid approach - all while seamlessly embedding compliance and verification functionality into controlled workflows

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Challenges of agile tools and methodology adoption in life sciences
  • Enabling more than just electronic signatures
  • Effectively manage FDA requirements without disrupting Software Testing or Quality activities 
  • Leverage Tx3 VERA and Xpand IT Xray to satisfy regulatory requirements in an agile framework
  • Solution demonstration


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